Hungarian Music Council

The Hungarian Music Council is an organisation of public utility with national competence, an alliance of professional organisations. Its objectives are the promotion of Hungarian music culture by social means, the protection and far-reaching promotion of musical values, the development of the social basis of music through the education system and independent musical activities, and the strengthening of international positions of Hungarian music culture.

The Hungarian Music Council was established on 5th December 1990 by 20 musical associations. Its current membership includes 38 civil organisations, 14 associated institutions and 10 individual members.

In order to fulfil its mission Hungarian Music Council

  • embraces and coordinates the activities of various professional or regional groups and genres of the music community, and renders assistance in their domestic and foreign work;
  • participates in the elaboration of and puts forward its opinion regarding acts, decrees and development plans affecting the music culture and lends professional advice to the public administration (;
  • cooperates with other music and art organisations and institutions;
  • is represented in decision-making and advisory bodies and coordinates the delegation of music trustees by appointment of the Hungarian National Cultural Fund (;
  • recommends musicians for state decorations and coordinates the recommendations of artists for musical artistic awards to be conferred by the Minister of Culture;
  • confers, together with professional choirs and symphonic orchestras, the diplomas of merit to the “best orchestral and choral artists” on the World Music Day;
  • takes a public stand on important issues of musical culture and publicly represents the interests of the community of musicians;
  • acts as source of information in queries received from Hungary and abroad regarding all facets of music life.

The Hungarian Music Council is the legal successor of the Association of Hungarian Musicians founded by individual members in 1949. It inherited and expanded its collection of books, sheet music and music recordings that specialises in the music of the 20th century. Upon its affiliation to IAMIC, the International Association of Music Information Centres (, the Hungarian Music Information Centre (HMIC) was established in 1973 on the basis of this collection. From 1990 HMIC was operating within the Hungarian Music Council. Since 2003 it has been working under the patronage of the Budapest Music Center (

As the Hungarian section of the international non-governmental organisation in formal associate relations with UNESCO, the International Music Council (IMC) (, the HMC represents the interests Hungarian music culture within IMC and its European regional organisation, the European Music Council (EMC) ( It conveys the recommendations of IMC and liaises with other national sections. The Hungarian Music Council is also a member of ISME, the International Society for Music Education ( It participates in the work, general assemblies, conventions, and other events of these societies through its officials and representatives.


Gábor PÁLFI (President)
Máté HOLLÓS (Vice-President)

Financial Committee:
Csaba EMBER (President)
István BERÁN

Executive Secretary: